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* Reset manuale contatore batteria *

A volte, a seguito di operazioni di calibrazione errate, può capitare che il contatore interno dell'ups non venga ripristinato in modo corretto, in quanto scendendo sotto una certa soglia non permette più il termine della calibrazione.

Munirsi di cavo Seriale APC e seguire le seguenti istruzioni:

  • Please shut off all connected load, switch off the UPS, pull the power plug of the UPS.
  • Switch off the UPS once again till you hear a click.
  • Remove all accompanying devices.
  • Turn on the UPS again and connect a computer with Windows 95/98/ME, Windows NT 4.0 or Win 2000, which runs on Hyperterminal using one of the cables mentioned under the requirements.
  • Close Powerchute plus-Server. With Windows NT/2000, the UPS service must be stopped. If you are using PowerChute Business Edition, stop the Agent *V service.
  • Perform a Battery Constants check.
  • Start a Hyperterminal session with the UPS. Note: Ensure that there are no accessories plugged into the UPS. (Web Management cards, IO Relay cards etc)
  • Start Hyperterminal by going to Start, Programs, Accessories, Communications, Hyperterminal. You will be requested to enter a name and a symbol. Enter a favourite name and click on OK. When a message that a modem must be installed appears, you can ignore this message. Select the serial port to which black serial cable is connected to. The correct settings for the COM-connection are 2400 Baud, 8 data bits, 1 Stop bit, no parity, protocol Xon/Xoff. In this window, click on Advanced and make sure that the option FIFO activated is unchecked. Click twice on OK.
  • Check if there is a connection (Type Shift + Y, should return SM ). Do not enter any other characters via Hyperterminal other than that described in these instructions because this can cause irreparable damage to the UPS
  • Type 1, wait 2-3 secs and type 1 again (Should return Prog)
  • Enter a 0 and the UPS reports the present value of the battery constant. If this value does not correspond to the default value that was given to you by RM Support or APC , it must be changed.
  • If this value is not correct, press + or - until the correct value is returned.
  • Press R to close the session. (Should return Bye)
  • Enter <Shift> Y, the UPS reports again with SM.
  • Enter 0 once again and check if the UPS reports back the standard setting that has been set.
  • Close Hyperterminal, start the UPS again and check the UPS runtime in the management software.
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